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What is Prosthodontics?

What is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry in charge of manufacturing and designing dental prostheses. Prosthodontics using dental prostheses has the main function of restoring the aesthetics, function, and physiology of the mouth due to the loss of one or more teeth.

Prosthetics can be complete or partial depending on whether they contain a limited number of teeth or the entire corresponding arch. In addition, they can be removable or permanent.

The prosthodontist is responsible for various stages of diagnosis, design, reconstruction, and fitting of prostheses. Thus, he has to be in charge of the architectural planning and has the responsibility of ensuring an adequate and quality prosthesis. He is also involved in monitoring the patient.

Types of prosthodontics?

Prosthodontists like the ones over at Better Dental have to know the types of dental prostheses and decide which one is the best in each case.

However, below, we will indicate the types of prostheses that there are and how each treatment is carried out:

  • Removable dental prosthesis

Known as dentures, they help you replace missing teeth, as well as periodontal tissues, that is, gums that are lost with age or due to problems such as periodontitis. Thus, they allow you to use your teeth as normal and also prevent those that are still healthy from shifting.

  • Permanent dental prosthesis

These prostheses are the ones that cannot be removed like dentures. That is, they are:

    • Crowns, also called caps, are placed on the natural tooth or implants and are made by prosthetists in the laboratory-based on measurements taken from the patient. They are often made of zirconia, as it is very strong and similar to natural teeth.
    • Dental implants are screws that are permanent in the jawbones, on which the crowns are placed, which give the tooth the aesthetic appearance of a natural tooth and also help to hold it.
    • Dental bridges consist of structures made up of one or more crowns placed on implants or an existing tooth.

Benefits of prosthetics

Dental prostheses, whether permanent or removable, are much more than an effective solution to achieve a perfect smile. The benefits they provide are also very important for oral health. These fulfill both a functional and aesthetic function, thus improving the quality of life of many people.

Among the most outstanding benefits of prosthodontics we can find:

  • Recover the chewing function, which implies being able to maintain a varied diet, without losing nutrients. This benefits gastrointestinal health.
  • Maintains the structure of the jaw. It prevents healthy teeth from growing poorly or tilting to try to fill the gap left by a missing tooth.
  • It dampens the wear of healthy teeth. When there are fewer teeth, the force on each of them is greater.
  • Avoid the appearance of aging caused by a sinking mouth or a smile with unsightly gaps.
  • It also benefits the correct pronunciation of words.
  • Recover the confidence to smile and eat naturally, which restores self-esteem. It is an important psychological factor.

Prosthodontics has become such an important treatment that it has its science. Thus, you have the security of having a professional to have a perfect dental prosthesis.